Slow Food Nation in the news – media round-up!

As August approaches, the buzz around Slow Food Nation is steadily building. On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an article on the event and its potential to expand the reach of Slow Food’s message. While the author does spend a lot of time addressing the old chestnut critiques of Slow Food as an elitist organization (how is it snobbish to protect farmers’ livelihoods and work to increase access to healthy foods?), she does note how Slow Food Nation will be a chance for the organization to better define itself for a wider group of people. Please encourage a diverse range of friends and family to attend the events to show what wide support this movement has!

For a very concise rebuttal of the elitist charge, listen to this conversation with Anya Fernald, Executive Director of Slow Food Nation:


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“Slow Food isn’t about going to an expensive restaurant and spending $80 a person,” contends Fernald, “it’s about cooking … it’s about breaking bread with your friends and your family.”

Her conversation is the first of a series of podcasts that CHOW has started up in advance of Slow Food Nation – visit their site, where you can subscribe to the podcasts for regular updates on the event preparations. So far, they’ve posted interviews with the curators of the pickle, coffee, and preserves pavilions; all of them are great, quick chats where the enthusiasm of the Slow Food Nation coordinators is overwhelmingly evident. Hear about a temporary museum of American bread, a wall made of pickle jars, American artisanal products, and Slow Food USA’s emphasis on “clean” and “fair” food.

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