Terra Madre 2008 Delegates from the Willamette Valley Food Community of Oregon

The Willamette Valley Food Community delegates to Terra Madre 2008 share a love for Oregon’s agricultural products and land, a passion for the food we eat and an enthusiasm for making food good, clean, and fair. They include a farmer turned chef, a chef turned educator, chefs who buy from farmers, farmers who welcome chefs into their fields, farmers who are just farmers, and chefs who are just chefs.

The Willamette Valley Food Community delegates advocate beyond their fields and kitchen doors. The list includes social activists that create access to quality foods and institutional food service providers who affect policy and purchasing practices. These delegates teach in schools, markets, field kitchens and large institutions. They are voices in the private and public arena. Their work has broadened the definition of a great food region.

The Terra Madre ’08 delegates build on the solid foundation laid by the ’04 and ’06 delegates. These delegates, past and present, leverage their individual contributions by nurturing relationships at the intersections of the food world. Their shared commitment to the Willamette Valley’s foods, farms, and policy organizations strengthens the international and regional Slow Food movement.

The 2008 Terra Madre delegates from the Portland area are listed below. For a list of delegates from the southern part of the Willamette Valley go to Slow Food Eugene

The Chefs

Mark Doxtader, Tastebud, Portland, Oregon.
Tommy Habetz, Portland, Oregon.
Scott Dolich, Park Kitchen, Portland, Oregon.
Cathy Whims, Nostrana, Portland, Oregon.
Kristy Obbink, Director of Nutrition Service Portland Public Schools, Portland Oregon.
Marco Shaw, Fife, Portland, Oregon.
Troy McLarty, Lovely Hula Hands, Portland, Oregon.
Joe McGarry, Bon Appetit, Portland Oregon.

The Producers

Ann Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm, Gales Creek, Oregon.
Shari Sirkin and Bryan Dickerson, Dancing Roots Farm, Troutdale, Oregon.
Chris Roehm and Amy Benson- Square Peg Farm, Forest Grove, Oregon.
Michael Paine, Gaining Ground Farm, Yamhill, Oregon.
Suzanne Briggs, Oregon Farmers Market Association, Portland, Oregon.


Linda Colwell, Portland Oregon.


Leora Stein, Portland, Oregon.

-Linda Colwell, Chairperson of Slow Food Portland Executive Committee

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