A Design Junkie Heads to Slow Food Nation

Slow Food Nation at the Civic Center

We’ve already mentioned the great design behind the Victory Gardens, but in looking over the other plans for Slow Food Nation, the rest of the exhibits and pavilions promise to be even more impressive. Since I have been getting really excited by the some of these innovative exhibit designs, I wanted to direct your attention to a recent post on the Slow Food Nation blog.

Imagine if you could design a market hall from the ground-up to teach about the foods offered within. To accomplish this task, the Slow Food Nation designers and architects are taking their cues from the great markets of the world and the products which they are showcasing.

I love how the design for Slow on the Go riffs on the canopies of the Djemaa-el-fna market in Marrakesh:

Rendering courtesy of David Baker + Partners Architects

Or how the Pickles & Chutney Pavilion will use canning jar ring-lids for their lighting and racks of jarred vegetables for walls:
Pickle Pavilion at Slow Food Nation

Rendering from Sagan Piechota Architecture

And the way that the Cheese Pavilion will be constructed from dairy crates and grasses:

Cheese Pavilion at Slow Food Nation

Rendering by Macy Architecture

The world’s iconic markets took hundreds of years to develop their character, but for an event that will last only one weekend in August, Slow Food Nation is shaping up to make a pretty big visual statement. All of the designs look very much of-the-moment, while alluding to the traditions and history of the showcased foods. I’m excited to see the results in person.

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For more of what Slow Food Nation will offer beyond food, check out the Slow Food Rocks concert festival and the Slow Arts program, which will highlight the connections between food and culture through music, poetry, dance, photography and performance.

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