Declaration for a Better Food Future

We, the undersigned, believe that a healthy food system is necessary to meet the urgent challenges of our time. …

The quality of food, and not just its quantity, ought to guide our agriculture. The ways we grow, distribute, and prepare food should celebrate our various cultures and our shared humanity, providing not only sustenance, but justice, beauty and pleasure.

These are powerful words, important to anyone living today, and they are just a few of the sentences that capture the hope of a new food future for our country. Developed under the guidance of the Roots of Change Network, the Food Declaration will issue a call to action for policymakers and citizens, along with a set of goals for reform.

Beginning tomorrow, August 28th, the declaration will be formally presented for comment and endorsement. As a part of Slow Food Nation, the Food Declaration will be read aloud at City Hall at 5pm. The document will be available throughout Slow Food Nation for attendees to sign and voice their support. Following the unveiling, will launch, offering you the chance to read the full text and comment on the draft. After 90 days, the organizers will begin a nationwide signature gathering effort, with the hope of presenting a clear and concrete set of policy recommendations to Congress in the fall of 2009. The force of this statement will be in the signatures collected, so make sure to voice your support once the Food Declaration is announced.

See for more information – we will keep you posted on the process as it proceeds

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