Catching up on Slow Food Nation

A month has passed since Slow Food Nation, though it already feels like a year has gone by. Such is harvest season. But it’s not time to forgot about the momentum that started at this year’s event; there has continued to be some excellent wrap-up of the events, with an eye towards future iterations. If you missed out on the panels and activities, this is your chance to immerse yourself in everything that happened.

Recently on the Slow Food Nation blog, Executive Director Anya Fernald shed light on the effort and ideas that contributed to presenting the first Slow Food Nation. If you’re already looking for plane tickets to the next happening, Fernald hints at some of the brainstorming that has just begun.

To really experience the excitement of Slow Food Nation, you should spend some time watching the great videos that they’ve archived on their site. There are almost 30, quick, (wo)man-on-the-street interviews with vendors and attendees in and around the Taste Pavilions and Civic Center – they give a great sense of the people behind the products.

What is most exciting about the footage on the Slow Food Nation site is that they have collected high-quality full-length video of the Food For Thought panels. Even better, they’ve broken each lecture down into chapters! Want to hear new Slow Food President Josh Viertel discuss the problems with the current thinking on school food? Want to listen to Wendell Berry explain his concept of pleasure? Just click on the ‘Open Tools’ button on each video for an easily-navigated table-of-contents of what the speakers said. As soon as you hear what these individuals have to say, you’ll be as excited as I am about the future of Slow Food Nation.

To spend some time with video from Slow Food Nation, check out:

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