Dear Mr. President…

Barack Obama may just be the most popular man in America right now. After all, if you were President-Elect, don’t you think that you too would have people lined up for a chance to voice their ideas for the coming administration? Shrewdly, the next President has already set up a website where citizens can write to him to share what they hope will be accomplished. The name?

Around here, the change that a lot of us are hankering for is change to our food policy. Grist took notice and pulled together a number of noted, US food activists to offer their food “elevator speech” to the President-Elect. Their ideas range from improved school lunch programs to a young farmer service corps, but all of the respondents agree that if we have the next President’s attention, we better be telling him what we want our nation to eat.

One group has gone even further, and created a video letter to the next President:

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.
(Also, watch this cute, animated history of the White House Lawn, courtesy of Eat The View).

Feeling inspired (and vocal)? Maybe you too should send the next President a message about our food system.

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