Terra Madre Dispatches

* * Updated 11/14

Terra Madre has concluded and attendees are just beginning to process everything they experienced. Once our delegates have returned (and caught their breath), we hope they’ll share their stories with us. In the meantime, we’ve collected some of the events coverage for you to get sense of all that happened this year in Turin:

  • Grist writer Tom Philpott offers his thoughts on Terra Madre, citing this year’s event as helping to change his understanding of Slow Food. While Philpott has questioned the organization’s focus in the past, he was pleased this year to see how Slow Food acts internationally as a unifying and rallying force for a diverse food movement. The nascent political bent of the US contingent was also undeniable and very encouraging.
  • For additional Terra Madre coverage by Philpott (spanning everything from bottled water to Vandana Shiva’s address), see here.
  • Acclaimed pastry chef and prolific blogger David Lebovitz also attended the Salone, and offers his take on his website. (Part One. Part Two.)
  • A Flickr pool of photos taken at the Salone captures the people and tastes involve
  • Arkansas farmer Ragan Sutterfield has written a series of letters from Terra Madre for Gourmet magazine. In one, she even writes about the Italians’ growing envy of American-style farmer’s markets!
  • Fermented foods expert Sandor Eli Katz shares his experience (with plenty of tasty recollections) on the Huffington Post
  • Slow Food Nation Content Coordinator and young food activist Gordon Jenkins reflects on the need for collaboration between older generations and the youth food movement on Civileats.com
  • Beautiful photos of the Salone del Gusto from FXCuisine

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