The Kids are Alright

Photo courtesy of Flickr user chalkdog

If you want proof that kids already know right from wrong, just look to Madison, Wisconsin, where fourth-grade students organized to take a stand against the poor school lunch program. As told by Slow Food USA, the students of Nuestro Mundo Elementary School planned to share a home-cooked meal as a protest of the unhealthy cafeteria offerings. Although the boycott was stopped by concerned parents (shouldn’t they be concerned about the official lunches?), the students had already contacted the local media. The Madison Captiol Times happened to catch student Sierra Mueller-Owens, who shared her thoughts on the boycott:

“We had planned really good meals and I was hoping a lot of people would enjoy it.”

According to the district’s Assistant Superintendent, a better protest would have been to write letters or circulate a petition. It sounds like these students made at least a few administrators uncomfortable! In a David versus Goliath story, you really can’t get much more of a “little guy” than fourth graders.

You can read more about the planned boycott on F is For FrenchFry and the Madison Capitol Times

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