Farm-to-School Funding Bill – Call your Oregon Reps TODAY!

This urgent call-to-action comes from Deborah Kane and our partners at Ecotrust Food & Farms

There is a bill pending in the Oregon legislature that would make is possible for us to get better food into public schools across the state – HB 2800. You can read all about the bill and on-going advocacy efforts here: .

Today I’m writing to ask you to make your voice heard in Salem.

Really – please, send an email or make a phone call today. We’re hearing from Salem that the bill is still “very much alive” and part of on-going budget negotiations. We’re in a recession; the state is making horrible, gut wrenching decisions about maintaining social services and many other important programs. And yet – legislators in Salem WANT TO FUND HB 2800 and get better food into our schools. They want to do right by Oregon kids and farmers. Please, give them the gentle push they need. TODAY or TOMORROW; by the end of the week it may be too late.


Deborah Kane
Vice President, Ecotrust Food & Farms

Send this to five friends or better yet, 20 friends. Post this on your Facebook page. Go, go, go! This is the final stretch; we could actually get mandatory statewide farm-to-school funding this session, but we need a FINAL PUSH.

WHAT: HB 2800 “the farm to school and school garden” bill


Oregon must ‘get started’ bringing Oregon products into the lunchroom with some amount of dedicated economic development funding (we’re asking for lottery dollars). We know the state can’t support the full allocation called for in HB 2800 but reduced funding scenarios are on the table and all of them deliver jobs.

  • HB 2800 creates jobs. No matter the funding scenario considered, HB 2800 puts people to work in Oregon.

  • The time is now. By leveraging federal dollars to match the state investment, HB 2800 stimulates the currently hurting local economy.

  • A wide range of Oregonians will benefit. HB 2800 helps to get healthy foods into our schools, enriches learning experiences for our children, supports local farmers, food processors, and manufacturers, and infuses money into agricultural economies across the state.

  • Any start is a good one. While HB 2800 requests $22.6 million, advocates are well aware that this scale of investment isn’t feasible in this current economic climate. Reduced funding scenarios exist and all deliver jobs.

  • HB 2800 impacts us personally. Let your legislators know the ways in which HB 2800 would affect you and your family.

(Testimony from 7-year old Zoe Kane summed it up nicely. When she doesn’t have enough allowance money for the big things, she just gets something small. That way, at least she still gets something. Oregon farmers and ranchers can do a lot with a little; let’s get them started with a statewide farm to school program of any size.)

Call or write to:

Sen. Betsy Johnson, Scappoose and Sauvie Island, 503-986-1716,
Rep. David Edwards, Hillsboro, 503-986-1430,
Sen. Margaret Carter, Portland, 503-986-1722,
Rep. Peter Buckley, Ashland, 503-986-1405,
Mary Nolan, Portland, 503-986-1436,
Speaker of the House Dave Hunt, Clackamas County, 503-986-1440,

If you can only make one call, call the person who knows you personally. If you can make more than one call, please do.

For more information on Farm to School Programs visit Ecotrust’s website at:


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