Pack the Theater for Food, Inc. Screening

Food, Inc.

If you weren’t able to catch the sneak preview screening of Food, Inc. in late April, now is your chance to see the film and to make your ticket price work towards real, local change! On Tuesday, June 23 at 7:00 pm, Cinema 21 will host a special “pack the theater” fundraiser for Slow Food Portland. All you have to do is mention “Slow Food” when you purchase your ticket, and $2 from your admission will go towards supporting our work for Good, Clean, and Fair Food. We will direct your donations toward our summer campaign for school lunch reform, and share a portion of our proceeds with the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (with whom we ran the excellent May tour) to help them in their efforts for farmworker justice.

As Kim Severson pointed out in her recent New York Times review of the film, Food, Inc. is unique among mainstream food films  – it is an unflinching portrayal of the problems with our industrial food system. Think of it as the live-action version of The Omnivore’s Dilemma crossed with Fast Food Nation. Having seen the preview screening, I can safely say that it is a deeply affecting film and it may just be the most important movie of the year. Upon leaving the theater, I immediately wanted for my friends and family to watch it, because I could think of no better or more moving way to convey the food issues that I passionately support.

Featuring Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, the movie covers ground that will be familiar to anyone who has read the two authors’ books, but the film’s true power comes from the deeply personal stories that are used to frame the message. The fixed-income family who must choose diabetes medicine over healthy food. The elderly seed cleaner who is ruthlessly run out of business by Monsanto for practicing a centuries-old tradition. The mother-cum-food-safety-activist who lost her son to e-coli. With stories this moving, it is little wonder that industrial food companies are battling the film tooth-and nail. Agribusiness had conniptions over Schlosser and Pollan’s books, but these filmic snapshots are proving even more difficult for them to combat.

Though it certainly hasn’t stopped them from trying. Very soon after early screenings, agricultural seed and chemical giant Monsanto launched a website to deliver the “real facts” about the film. (For a good rebuttal, author Jill Richardson deftly took Monsanto’s claims to task on her blog, La Vida Locavore.) The company refused to answer questions or meet with the filmmakers, and yet, they feel comfortable refuting all of its well-documented claims. What else could possibly provide a better endorsement for seeing the film than an opposition website headed by Monsanto? How about a whole cadre of food industry groups lining up to debunk the film with sites like “,” as reported by Reuters. With this much backlash from the usual suspects, there’s a good chance the film has struck close to the truth.

Food, Inc. Film Screening for Slow Food Portland
Cinema 21
616 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Tuesday, June 23, 7 PM

You can reserve tickets in advance online hereONLY the 7 pm showing on June 23 will benefit Slow Food.
(Make sure to mention “Slow Food” in the Coupon Code box.)

For more information on Food, Inc., visit the film website, which offers reading lists, school lunch petitions, links to partner organizations, and suggestions for ways to get involved with food issues.

We’ve also included a copy of the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation’s summer campaign letter (PDF) for you to download and read over. They will be talking in-person at the screening and available to answer your questions about their important work for fair food labor.

And a very special thanks is due to our marketing partner, Livingscape Nursery, for generously helping us to promote this important film.

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