Slow Food and the Family Meal

In the slow food movement, Good is in part an invitation to not only nourish our bodies through food, but also our spirits with each meal enjoyed.

But how big of a challenge is it for today’s busy parents to actually enjoy a slow food meal when trying to get their little ones to eat their vegetables? Steve Holt’s latest article “Slow food, redefined: Trying not to rush the family meal” talks exactly about that.

In our family, we do cook a good number of our meals from scratch, make an effort to sit around the table together to dine, and try to have actual conversations while eating. We buy locally grown food when we can and practice a number of “slow food” principles: purchasing locally grown food when we can, patronizing farmers’ markets, belonging to a local CSA, and generally attempting to enjoy both the taste of the foods we eat and the experience of eating them.

But I’m afraid we’ve still fallen into the speed-eating trap, and we’re bringing our four-year-old along for the ride. It’s a shame, too, since we often end up cutting short his spontaneous songs or stories in an effort to move the meal along. And for what? So we can accomplish another task? So we can stick to a schedule? What happened to appreciating the entire mealtime process, savoring each bite and each other along the way?

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