What Electric Razor?

Many people wonder what electric razor they should get. There are several factors that determines the attributes of the best electric shavers in the world. For many years, Braun has been a leading name in the electric shavers market. My personal favorite shaver is the Braun Series 77600cc. This is a decision I’ve come to after reading so many user reviews over the internet and talking to many men on the street.

But do you really want an electric razor? This is a question many need to ask. The answer depends on what your needs are. The most important factor to consider is how close of a shave are you looking for? Electric shavers can never give you a shaver closer to manual regular razor blades. This is a deliberate design flaw in all electric shavers. There will always be some stubble left after you shave with electric shavers. That is one of the reasons why you need to get the best electric shavers for men. They do the job and will give you that clean shave you desire.

For the closest of shaves with electric shavers, opt for a foil shaver. The shaving head is covered by a  thin layer of perforated foil. The small holes in the foil allow hair to pass through while the blade beneath cuts the hair. Because of how thing the foil is, you are able to achieve a very close shave (still not very close to manual shaving blades though.).

Foil shavers are some of the best electric shavers money can buy.

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