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The Future of Food is The Future of the Planet

A message from Slow Food Portland’s new Chair Russell Ruscigno.

Since Slow Food’s inception in Italy over 25 years ago, the world of food has changed both for the good and for the bad.

On the positive side, biodiversity, organic, and sustainable have become more than buzzwords, they now represent widespread movements in the United States and around the globe. Farmers markets, community support agriculture (CSAs), grass fed and pasture raised have new resonance in the national conversation, on the plate and in the marketplace. School gardens, urban gardens and community gardens are seeing unprecedented growth with more communities digging in each season.

At the same time, we see more food-borne outbreaks, more processed food, more unhealthy children, more PR and advertising campaigns from mega companies promoting questionable farming and processing practices, and less enthusiasm from politicians to take on these issues that may not fit with their fundraising efforts.

And here we are, Slow Food Portland, an all-volunteer organization with passion, commitment and ideals ready to foster the mission of “Good, Clean and Fair Food for All,”—a worthy mission, no doubt, but perhaps a bit too broad and a bit too global for each of us to grasp. So the challenge, today, is how can we translate that mission into action we can take, embrace and own? Own as individuals, as family members, as members of our community and our planet.

Am I a contributor to the solution or a bystander to this moment in time?

As a member of Slow Food Portland, you have an opportunity to attend events and participate in programs that are fun, informative and create an atmosphere to discover the impact you can make. By supporting the efforts of farmers, ranchers, fishers, chefs and educators through outreach, fundraising, instruction and advocacy, our individual efforts combined with those of others create camaraderie and help move the food system closer to “Good, Clean and Fair Food for All.”

Slow Food Portland, together with Slow Food USA, Slow Food International and hundreds of local chapters around the world allows each of us an opportunity to build communities dedicated to a sustainable planet that can continue to provide nutritious, delicious, affordable food for ourselves and future generations.

So make a difference. Plan on attending any or all of the fun and delicious events highlighted in the newsletter. Volunteer to help the cause, keep your dues current, make an additional donation to help us stay financially sound and talk to family and friends about the importance of local family-owned farms.

Let’s keep the future of food and the future of the planet on our plates everyday.

I look forward to working with all our members to promulgate our mission, “Good, Clean and Fair Food for All,” and to make Slow Food Portland an important contributor to the future of food and the future of our planet.

Eat, Drink and Think Healthy
Russell Ruscigno

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