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Snail by Snail: Oregon Olive Mill

©Evrim Icoz Photography

In Dayton, Oregon a massive delicious experiment is going on. The Oregon Olive Mill has been growing olives in the Pacific Northwest’s cool climate since 2008. In that time, there have been freezes and thousands of trees dying. Nonetheless, they ventured on and have been producing excellent olive oil and creating a burgeoning Northwest olive oil culture.

Joined by Paul Durant, owner and miller at the Oregon Olive Mill, and Libby Clow, the olive oil program ambassador, listen in to hear:

  • About Slow Food University and Libby’s concentration on olive oil, wine, cheese, and cured meats (yum!)
  • How and why olive oil keeps them honest
  • And what the freeze of 2013 taught them about the cultivation of cool climate olives


©Evrim Icoz Photography

To learn more about the mill and plan a tasting, visit their website by clicking here.

PS: If you’re wondering what the occasional banging is that comes into the background on the track, it’s a construction team fixing a water leak outside our door on the day we recorded (much to our surprise).

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