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Snail by Snail: Evan Gregoire

Portland Seedhouse

The  love and enthusiasm Evan has for seeds is best characterized by an event he hosted last year dedicated to heirloom tomatoes. Imagine a restaurant dining room beaming with tomatoes in late summer. Some varieties prepared as a paste, others dried, others made into sauce. The colors range from pale yellow to rich orange to deep reds. And the names from Corleone to the well loved San Marzano. The task ahead: taste and rate every which one. It was a tomato lovers dream place (see pic below)! And the culmination of a vision inspired by his time as a Terra Madre delegate.

Evan is a young farmer with a big vision: to save seeds in order to create an insurance policy against disease and famine and as a way to preserve a rich cultural heritage. This effort now takes shape as the Portland Seedhouse; a seed cooperative working to facilitate and encourage the saving of open pollinated seeds.

Listen in to hear:

  • His closed system method of farming
  • His favorite part about Terra Madre
  • Why biodiversity matters

And we want to see what you’re planting in your garden for a chance to win a set of Portland Seedhouse seeds!

Giveaway details:

Between May 18th and May 30th:

1. Tweet a photo planting your spring garden, getting new seeds, or visiting your favorite seed bank with the hashtag #snailbysnail

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We’ll announce 2 winners on May 31st! (Keep an eye on Twitter for a direct message from us)

To follow Evan, you can see him on Instagram. His tomato starts are available exclusively at Pizza Jerk and Garden Fever.


PS: To access the seed saving guide mentioned in the podcast, head over here.

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