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Snail by Snail: Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres is rooted in a radical integrated whole-ism. Knowing that “if we don’t treat the earth in an interconnected way, it makes us sick, not as productive, happy or healthy in the world.” These values underpin the food movement and Adelante Mujeres is living this not only with food, but with a tremendous conviction towards education, empowerment and social justice.

Founded in 2002 by Bridget Cooke and Sister Barbara Raymond, Adelante Mujeres has shifted and grown to meet the needs of its community by developing new programs and constantly finding ways to serve the Latino Community in western Washington County.

I spoke with Kaely Summers, the Forest Grove farmers market manager. Listen to hear:

  • how they revived the Forest Grove farmers market
  • why bridging communication between new producers and industry gave way to the Adelante Mujeres Distribution Center
  • the outstanding health outcomes their Produce Rx program has achieved

To support the great work they’re doing, I’d encourage you to visit their website where you can volunteer and/or donate.

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