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Snail by Snail: The Perfect Loaf

Maurizio Leo describes himself as a self-taught pathological bread baker. He chronicles his recipes and knowledge on his award winning food blog: The Perfect Loaf.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at sourdough bread baking, you know that although the ingredients are simple, the process is involved and nuanced. I came upon The Perfect Loaf in a moment of baking desperation; confused by my starter but wanting the reward of long fermented bread. And Maurizio attentively answered my questions, offered encouragement and troubleshooting.

The comments below his recipes are packed with his careful replies creating a community led by a spirit of generosity that feels unique and special. A place offering encouragement and cheerleading for a slower approach to food.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • his Italian roots and favorite food story
  • the special scent and taste of the Ark of Taste White Sonora Wheat
  • how his engineering background informed his approach to baking
  • tips for beginning bakers

And be sure to visit his site as well as his Instagram feed to see a whole collection of beautiful bread.

PS: Snail by Snail is now on iTunes. You can search and subscribe to get updates on new episodes and listen to past episodes!

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