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  • After the Flood

    By now, most of you have likely heard about the floods that inundated the Midwest this month. Among those who were hardest hit by the rising waters were the farmers and livestock producers who rely on the flooded land. The majority of the coverage we’ve […]

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  • Bee Lessons: Reflections on the May 31st Pollination Event (Part II)

    For part one of the coverage of the May 31st event, see here. So, honeybee management is a global endeavor, but this makes perfect sense when you realize that for the United States, the honeybee itself is a product of globalization. The bees we commonly […]

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  • Bee Lessons: Reflections on the May 31st pollination event (Part I)

    We recognized the swarm by its hum. When we first stepped out of our cars and looked onto the fields of Ayers Creek Farm, the cluster above our heads looked more like gnats, but the familiar buzz made things clear. A little later, Matthew Shepard […]

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  • A brief thought on the future of food policy

    If you picked up the most recent Sunday edition of The Oregonian, perhaps you saw Associate Editor David Sarasohn’s op-ed. In his piece, Sarasohn cited the global food riots, rising food costs and the failures of the Farm Bill to argue for the creation of […]

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