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  • Theperfectloaf Maurizioleo 1

    Snail by Snail: The Perfect Loaf

    Maurizio Leo describes himself as a self-taught pathological bread baker. He chronicles his recipes and knowledge on his award winning food blog: The Perfect Loaf. If you’ve ever tried your hand at sourdough bread baking, you know that although the ingredients are simple, the process is […]

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  • Aaron Hi There Copy 2

    Snail by Snail: Chef Aaron Adams

    This interview with Chef Aaron Adams was initiated by a fellow board member who said you need to interview Aaron Adams. I jotted his name down in Evernote (although to be honest, the note said Erin Adams Farm Spirit) and a couple days later I […]

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  • Image1

    Snail by Snail: Stoneboat Farm

    If the future of food is in the work of young farmers, Stoneboat Farm gives tremendous reason for hope and optimism. We are in good hands with farmers like Jesse and Aaron at the helm. They incorporate traditional practices like the use of draft horses while having a […]

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  • BphyMyaK 400x400

    Snail by Snail: Adelante Mujeres

    Adelante Mujeres is rooted in a radical integrated whole-ism. Knowing that “if we don’t treat the earth in an interconnected way, it makes us sick, not as productive, happy or healthy in the world.” These values underpin the food movement and Adelante Mujeres is living […]

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