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    Snail by Snail: Evan Gregoire

    The  love and enthusiasm Evan has for seeds is best characterized by an event he hosted last year dedicated to heirloom tomatoes. Imagine a restaurant dining room beaming with tomatoes in late summer. Some varieties prepared as a paste, others dried, others made into sauce. […]

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    Snail by Snail: Gitta Grether-Sweeney

    As you can imagine, the board of Slow Food Portland has strong opinions when it comes to food. And as passionate as we all are, we were in a bit of a standstill when it came to next steps. What needs our attention? How does […]

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    Snail by Snail: Oregon Olive Mill

    In Dayton, Oregon a massive delicious experiment is going on. The Oregon Olive Mill has been growing olives in the Pacific Northwest’s cool climate since 2008. In that time, there have been freezes and thousands of trees dying. Nonetheless, they ventured on and have been […]

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    Snail by Snail Podcast: Chef Kusuma Rao

    To eat Chef Kusuma Rao’s food is to be delighted totally and completely. Her dishes are incredibly complex and nuanced, but her plates never lose touch with the basic element that food is a vehicle for nourishment and connection. In speaking with her, I felt such […]

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